Minding Elk Point Business


Elk Point’s attractive business climate derives in part from a favorable local tax regime and the fact that South Dakota has no State income tax.  In addition, ample water, sewer, electricity and garbage disposal services are supplied by the City at reasonable rates.  State funding, as well as City tax abatements, may be available for qualifying projects.  Information on utility rates, tax abatements, and State funding may be obtained through the Elk Point Development Corporation.  Labor is available at all educational and skills levels at wages which are average fro the immediate area, but less than those of the U.S. and the region generally.  Local governments, professionals, and financial and other private institutions, including the Development Corporation, are organized and equipped to assist and support new and existing businesses.

City of Elk Point, South Dakota
UDAG Fund Guidelines

The main objective of the Elk Point Urban Development Access Grant Fund is to create jobs in Elk Point, South Dakota.  Jobs are derived from businesses that bring new income into the area, have a stimulating effect on other businesses or assist Elk Point in diversification and stabilization of our economy.  View PDF Document

New Documents

New Tax Relief Ordinance (PDF)
New Utility Rates Resolution (PDF)



Location, Location, Location

Elk Point’s location on Interstate 29 in southeastern South Dakota is especially favorable to resident businesses.  The city benefits from two I-29 exits and is on a railway hub with service in three directions.  The Missouri River runs nearby, affording possibilities for barge transportation and recreational pursuits.  Elk Point’s proximity to larger cities like Sioux Falls, Sioux City and Omaha affords convenient access to a broad array of customers and suppliers, as well as cultural and entertainment options.  Top quality educational opportunities, plus music, theater and public interest programs, and only twenty minutes away at the University of South Dakota.  Attraction industrial tracts, home building sites, and both new and pre-owned housing are available at reasonable prices.  Land use planning is current and generally permissive.



Elk Point is a close-knit progressive community with a quality of life which is exceptional for a prairie town its size.  It thrives in an area of the State that is booming.  It is a well-rounded, functioning, self-contained municipality with stores, restaurants, industry, schools, medical facilities, offices, homes and churches.  Elk Point is the County Seat of Union County, the 9th fastest growing of 4000 counties in the Unites States in terms of family income.  It enjoys a business-oriented local government, as well as proactive civic, religious and social organizations.  The citizens are well educated, hospitable, independent in spirit, open to racial and cultural diversity, and possess an excellent work ethic.



Attractive and functional recreational facilities include a golf course and clubhouse, swimming pool, multiple athletic fields, including a professional-quality baseball diamond, and an extensive bike path.  Elk Point also boasts a well-maintained municipal park with formal gardens, a fishing pond, playgrounds, campsites and a major Lewis and Clark historical site.

The truly outstanding K-12 public school system in Elk Point has superb leadership and facility, and new and technologically sophisticated buildings and facilities.  The school offers a wide variety of courses, with advanced placement options, to prepare students for higher education possibilities and to equip them to become effective communicators and responsible citizens in an increasingly demanding society.